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OCRA's Board of Directors recognize Ohio 2021 Court Reporting and Captioning Week

President Tammy McGhee encourages all Ohio reporters and captioners to share the excitement

Ohio Court Reporting and Captioning Week

February 6-13, 2021

In conjunction with NCRA's ninth annual National Court Reporting and Captioning Week, and in keeping with tradition here in Ohio since 2015, the Board of Directors of the Ohio Court Reporters Association contacted Ohio Governor DeWine for a proclamation and resolution from the Governor's Office declaring February 6-13, 2021 as Ohio Court Reporting and Captioning Week.  However, at this time, due to the ongoing statewide response to COVID-19, the Office of the Governor is unable to accept or process proclamations and special requests.

Because we all deserve recognition and celebration, the OCRA Board of Directors has adopted a Resolution designating February 6-13, 2021 as Ohio Court Reporting and Captioning Week.  OCRA President Tammy McGhee is encouraging all court reporters, captioners, videographers, students, and industry colleagues to share the excitement of Ohio's 2021 Court Reporting and Captioning Week.   

Click here to view the Resolution adopted by the OCRA Board of Directors in PDF 


Designating February 6-13, 2021 as “Ohio Court Reporting and Captioning Week.”

Whereas, for millennia, individuals have wanted the spoken word translated into text to record history and to accomplish this task have relied on scribes;

Whereas, scribes were present with our Nation’s founding fathers as the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights were drafted;

Whereas, President Lincoln entrusted scribes to record the Emancipation Proclamation;

Whereas, since the advent of shorthand machines, these scribes have been known as court reporters and have played a permanent and invaluable role within our judicial system across our country;

Whereas, court reporters are present in Congress, preserving Members’ words;

Whereas, court reporters and captioners are responsible for the closed captioning seen on television, at sporting stadiums, and in other community and educational settings, bringing information every day to all Ohioans and to millions of Americans who are deaf and hard of hearing;

Whereas, during a global pandemic, court reporters and captioners work tirelessly, in person and remotely, to translate the spoken word into text, to provide much-needed access, and to preserve our history; and

Whereas, whether called the scribes of yesterday or the court reporters and captioners of today, the individuals who preserve our Nation’s history are truly the guardians of the record:

Now, therefore, be it RESOLVED, that the Board of Directors of the Ohio Court Reporters Association designate February 6-13, 2021 as “Ohio Court Reporting and Captioning Week” throughout Ohio and encourage all Ohioans to observe the importance of the field of court reporting and captioning.


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