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The 2016 Annual Conference was a blazing success!

Susan Gee installed as OCRA's 2016-2017 President

2016 OCRA Annual Conference Recap

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courtesy of Timothy Meinke


 The 2016 OCRA Annual Conference was held April 22-24, 2016 at the Crowne Plaza Columbus North

Crowne Plaza Columbus North
6500 Doubletree Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43229
(614) 885-1885

2016 Conference Brochure



On the menu:

OCRA's Realtime Contest
OCRA's Hagestrom Cup Contest
Pictures and Memories provided by Timothy Meinke
(Click here to view the 2016 Conference Photos)
Anissa Nierenberger
Lisa Knight
Kathryn Thomas
Jana Colter
Sue Terry
Keynote Speakers:  Debbie and Mike Gardner
CAT Training
Financial Planning
Sunday's Student Session
... and so much more!

Attendee Handouts and Information

OCRA went 'green' during the conference with our seminar/presentation handouts.  The following are the attendee handouts that have been provided by the speakers.  Attendees can choose to download their handouts to a smartphone, iPad, or laptop, or to print them.

Click here for the 2016 Annual Conference Attendee Brochure

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Click here for full seminar descriptions and speaker/presenter information


 Thank you to our vendors and sponsors!  We couldn't have done it without you!

Updated 4/21/2016

Event and Session Sponsors

Friday Early Afternoon Refreshment and Vendor Break ($200) 
Clark Realtime Reporting, LLC 
Friday Late Afternoon Refreshment and Vendor Break ($200)
Donna Karoscik and Yolanda Walton
Friday Alphabet Soup Social and Vendor Reception ($300)
PRI Court Reporting, LLC                          
Saturday Continental Breakfast ($250)
Cady Reporting Services, Inc.
Saturday Morning Refreshment and Vendor Break ($200)
Susan Horak and Susan Coots
Saturday Luncheon and Business Meeting ($450)
Armstrong & Okey, Inc. and
Anderson Reporting Services, Inc.
Saturday Afternoon Refreshment and Vendor Break ($200)
Gee Reporting, LLC
Saturday Top Chef President's Reception ($500)
Marie B. Fresch & Associates 
Sunday Continental Breakfast ($250)
Higgins & Associates
Sunday Refreshment Break ($200)
Sue Terry 
Keynote Speaker ($700)
Northern District of Ohio Federal Reporters


Annual Conference Sponsors

Master Chef ($1,000 +)
Pamela Spangler Reis (Richard D. Reis Family Foundation)
Vernon C. Steele Family
Executive Chef ($500 - $999)
Gee Reporting, LLC
Sous Chef ($250-$499)
Integrity Reporting Group, Inc.
Line Chef ($100 - $249)
Lance Boardman, RMR, CRR
Franklin County Official Court Reporters, Domestic and General Div.
Young Reporting Service
Pastry Chef ($50 - $99)
Blair Reporting Services, Inc.
Martha Hyland, RMR
Donna Karoscik, RDR, CRR, CRC
Bruce Matthews, RDR, CRR, FAPR
Marguerite Phillips, RMR
Short-Order Cook ($1 - $49)
Carla Manahan, RPR


Student "Chef-in-Training" Sponsors

Eileen Beltz
Lisa Migliore Black
Lance Boardman
Tracy Coleman
Susan Coots
Marie Fresch
Susan Gee
Heidi Geizer

Susan Horak

Donna Karoscik
Allison Kimmel 
Linda Latva
Gregory Mizanin

Sarah Nageotte

Marguerite Phillips
Sue Terry
Suzanne Vadnal
Yolanda Walton
Lisa Conley Yungblut 



Bo Potter Insurance Agency
Glass Art by Alexandra Fresch
Guardians of the Record
Premier Designs Jewelry
Recovery One

Susan Gee, RMR, CRR, installed as 2016-2017 President

The 2016 Annual Business Meeting of the Ohio Court Reporters Association was held on Saturday, April 23, 2016.

Pursuant to Article IX, Section 2(D) of the Ohio Court Reporters Association Constitution and Bylaws, the 2016-2017 Slate of Officers and Directors was presented and approved by the membership present.

Congratulations to our 2016-2017 OCRA Board of Directors

Click here to read Susan Gee's Presidential Address


Susan Gee, RMR, CRR - Cincinnati


Douglas Bettis - Carrollton

Vice President

Terri Sims, RDR, CRR - Akron


Tammy McGhee, RMR - Mansfield


Robyn Hennigan, RPR, CRI - Springfield

Immediate Past President      

Marie Fresch, RMR - Norwalk

District A Director

Lance Boardman, RMR, CRR - Mount Vernon

District B Director

Tracy Coleman, RMR, CRR - Cincinnati

District C Director

Angela Starbuck, RDR, CRR, CRC - Columbus

District D Director

Kelly Linkowski, RPR, CBC, CCP, CPE - Rittman    

Contests, Awards, and Scholarships

2016 Realtime contest winner:  B. Lynn Els

2016 Realtime contest overall results

3rd place:

Lisa Conley Yungblut - 96.44%

2nd place (tie):              

Lahana DuFour - 97.24%

2nd place (tie):

Kristin Wegryn - 97.24%

1st place:

B. Lynn Els - 97.48%

2016 Realtime contest individual leg results

Literary - 200 words per minute
3rd place (tie): Jane Proud - 40 errors, 96%
3rd place (tie):           Kristin Wegryn - 40 errors, 96%
2nd place:  Lahana DuFour - 25 errors, 97.5%         
1st place:    B. Lynn Els - 20 errors, 98%


Testimony (Q&A) - 225 words per minute
3rd place:  Lisa Conley Yungblut - 40 errors, 96.44%
2nd place (tie):        Lahana DuFour - 34 errors, 96.98%
2nd place (tie):         B. Lynn Els - 34 errors, 96.98%
1st place: Kristin Wegryn - 17 errors, 97.49% 


2016 Hagestrom Cup contest winner:  Kristin Wegryn

2016 Hagestrom Cup contest overall results

6th place:           

Lisa Conley Yungblut - 137 errors, 96.30%

5th place:

Tammy McGhee - 107 errors, 97.12%

4th place:

Sara Clark - 104 errors, 97.22%

3rd place:

Ilene White - 99 errors, 97.36%

2nd place:

Lahana DuFour - 83 errors, 97.76%

1st place:

Kristin Wegryn - 67 errors, 98.17%


2016 Hagestrom Cup contest individual leg results

Literary - 220 words per minute
4th place (tie): Gerald (Jerry) Abbadini - 37 errors, 96.64%
4th place (tie): Lisa Conley Yungblut - 37 errors, 96.64%
3rd place (tie):          Sara Clark - 29 errors, 97.36%
3rd place (tie): Lahana DuFour - 29 errors, 97.36%
3rd place (tie): Ilene White - 29 errors, 97.36%
2nd place: Kristin Wegryn - 24 errors, 97.82%
1st place: Tammy McGhee - 23 errors, 97.9%


Legal Opinion (Jury Charge) - 240 words per minute
6th place:                 Lisa Conley Yungblut - 49 errors, 95.92%    
5th place: Tammy McGhee - 46 errors, 96.17%
4th place: Sara Clark - 28 errors, 97.67%
3rd place: Ilene White - 24 errors, 98%
2nd place: Lahana DuFour - 20 errors, 98.33%
1st place: Kristin Wegryn - 19 errors, 98.42%


Testimony (Q&A) - 280 words per minute
7th place:                Gerald (Jerry) Abbadini - 69 errors, 95.07% 
6th place: Lisa Conley Yungblut - 51 errors, 96.36%
5th place: Sara Clark - 47 errors, 96.64%  
4th place: Ilene White - 46 errors, 96.71%
3rd place: Tammy McGhee - 38 errors, 97.29%
2nd place: Lahana DuFour - 34 errors, 97.57%
1st place: Kristin Wegryn - 24 errors, 98.29% 


Glenn W. Stiles, Jr. Distinguished Service Award

Susan Horak, RDR, CRR


Martin Fincun Award

Susan Coots, RPR


Diplomat Award

Kelly Linkowski, RPR, CRR, CRC, CPE


Rosalie Stevens Student Scholarship

Suzanne Rafferty


OCRA Cardinal Foundation Student Scholarship

Blanca Flores Robinson


Vernon C. Steele New Reporter Scholarship

Melissa Case, RPR

Fundraising and Raffles

Thank you to all who supported OCRA and the OCRA Cardinal Foundation during our 2016 Annual Conference fundraising efforts.

2016 Main Raffle Winners

Grand Prize:


Mary Schweinhagen        

Second Prize:

Microsoft Surface Pro 3, with type cover

Linda McSwain

Third Prize:

Kalahari Resort
One-night stay in combination suite, with admission up to six 

Tere Moore

Fourth Prize:

Hilton Columbus at Easton
One-night-weekend stay, with two tickets to Columbus Funny Bone
Comedy Club at Easton and a $50 Cheesecake Factory gift card

Tom Cheney

Fifth Prize:

Embassy Suites Cleveland-Rockside
One-night stay, with a $50 Outback Steakhouse gift card

Leann Orner


Diamante Raffle Winner

Kelly Linkowski

Thank you to all who contributed and/or participated in the 2016 OCRA Cardinal Foundation Silent Auction! 

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